Voted Best Dentist 6 Years in a Row

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Did you know that Dr. Corbyn Rhodes of Advances in Dentistry was voted Best Dentist in Oklahoma City for 6 years in a row? Dr. Rhodes was also voted Favorite Cosmetic Dentist by the OKC 405 magazine. We wanted to know what it takes to be voted Best Dentist so we caught up with Dr. Rhodes and asked him.

Q: Dr. Rhodes, you were voted Best Dentist in Oklahoma City for 6 years in a row, that is quite an accomplishment. Tell me about that.

A: First off, I am very honored that I was voted Best Dentist. I’ve been a dentist since 1994 and after a couple of decades of dentistry, you learn it’s not about you, it’s about the patient.

Q: What do you mean by that?

A. As we all know, most people don’t like going to the dentist, so you have to make it as pleasant as possible.

Q: What are some of the ways you do that?

A. We understand that our patient’s time is valuable. If a patient needs to be seen we don’t make them wait weeks for an appointment. Next, we run on time. I tell my staff that I do not like patients to have to wait in the reception room, get them right back. We also utilize the most gentle dental techniques. We want our patients to feel like friends and family, so we get to know them and don’t just rush them in and out. We listen to our patients’ needs and concerns and try to answer those.

Q: I see your office is very beautiful and relaxing. It doesn’t feel like a dental office.

A: Yes, we want it to feel very comfortable for our patients. The last thing we want is to look or feel like is a clinic. That’s why we have modern decor from places like West Elm and a lot of art.

Q. The name Advances in Dentistry, tell me about that and its meaning.

A: Advances in Dentistry is not just a name, it is a description of the techniques, equipment and materials we use to help people in Oklahoma City with their dental needs. We have always utilized advanced technology and the latest equipment and techniques to deliver the best dental care we can.

Q: What have your patient’s said about that?

A: Let’s say we just did a root canal or a crown, many people say; “That’s it? It didn’t hurt at all!” Our techniques and equipment have a lot to do with that. Or, many people find us by searching for sedation dentistry in Oklahoma City. Sedation, or sleep dentistry, is another dental treatment that our experience and techniques have helped so many people with who have dental fear or anxiety.

Q: It looks like Advances in Dentistry does a lot of dental implants. I noticed some plaques on your wall about being a preferred dental implant provider. How has advanced technology changed dental implants?

A: Dental Implants have come a long way over the years. Now, it is one of our most popular treatment options. Dental implants are much better and the procedure is much easier than it was in the past. Most people are back to their normal routine the day after they have dental implants placed.

Dental implants have also become much more affordable. Placing dental implants for our patients is probably one of the reasons we were voted Best Dentist in Oklahoma City. Those are some of our happiest patients. We have helped many patients with uncomfortable, loose dentures by locking in their dentures with dental implants. These patients are now able to eat and smile with confidence. We have dental implants that are specific for dentures and dental implants that are specific for replacing one or multiple teeth. When we do dental implants many people say it was so much easier than they thought and they should have done this years ago. The techniques we have developed have taken over 25 years of experience, learning what works best and utilizing the right techniques and equipment.

Q: You were also voted Favorite Cosmetic Dentist OKC. Tell us about the changes you have seen over the past 27 years of doing cosmetic dentistry.

A: Great question. I really enjoy doing cosmetic dentistry. Over the years we have seen many people from Oklahoma City and we have even had patients travel from outside the state wanting cosmetic dentistry. With our porcelain veneers or Lumineers, it is very exciting to have the patient hold the mirror up for the first time when they see their beautiful new smile. The technology of cosmetic dentistry has changed dramatically over the years. First off, we offer a no-charge before/after cosmetic dentistry image to our patients. The computer imaging software is really nice and helps people see what they can look like with cosmetic dentistry.

Next, the colors of the teeth we can do are much brighter and whiter than we could do in the past. Our porcelain veneers and crowns are now made with Cad-Cam technology. The veneer or crown is designed on a computer and then actually fabricated by another computer-controlled machine. The materials are much more beautiful and stronger than they were in the past.

Technology has also played a huge role in orthodontics. Clear aligners like Invisalign® and ClearCorrect allow us to straighten crooked or gapped teeth rather quickly. Technology has also helped decrease the cost of teeth straightening. It is much more affordable than it was years ago.

Q: Well, Dr. Rhodes, thank you for speaking with me today. I can see why you were voted Best Dentist in Oklahoma City for 6 years in a row. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: Thank you. Yes, I grew up here in Oklahoma and I feel very blessed to have been able to provide dental care to so many people here in Oklahoma City. I am very thankful to all my patients!