Shine Project

Giving Back To Our Community

Shine Project

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Dr. Rhodes started the Shine Project in 2011. To date, we have given over $85,000 to various charities in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we believe strongly in. Our staff has also given time and effort to the cleanup and rebuilding of our community after the 2012 tornado which devastated the Moore area. We are proud of our dentists and team here at Advances in Dentistry and also of the following organizations we support. Please call us at 405-751-6996 today to learn how you can work together with Dr. Corbyn Rhodes, Dr. Angela Windsor and our entire team to help give back!

OKC Beautiful

OKC Beautiful and Advances in Dentistry signs for participating in beautifying our community

We are proud to fund the landscaping and maintenance at the north intersection at May and Memorial in OKC.The mission of OKC Beautiful is to enhance the image and appearance of Oklahoma City through education, programs and community engagement. OKC Beautiful believes the appearance of our city directly impacts its economic viability as well as affecting the quality of life and self-image of its residents.

OKC Beautiful’s major funding source is private donations from citizens and local businesses dedicated to improving the image and appearance of the community. Foundation grants, special events, endowments and other sources of income provide funds for OKC Beautiful’s operating expenses and programs. OKC Beautiful does not receive funds from city, state or federal government. Visit their site and learn more today!

Campus Crusade For Christ

campus crusade for Christ logo and involvement

CRU, previously known as Campus Crusade for Christ, exists to help fulfill the Great Commission by winning, building and sending in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also help the body of Christ grow through evangelism and discipleship. The goal of CRU is to see students everywhere embrace the purpose, love and forgiveness that God offers them in a relationship with Jesus Christ.We support CRU’s Student movement at the UCO campus in Edmond, Oklahoma. Visit their site to learn more.

Samaritan’s Purse

After sharing the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus said “Go and do likewise.” That is the mission of Samaritan’s Purse—to follow the example of Christ by . No matter where they go or what they do, they offer more than help: they offer hope. To suffering people in a broken world, they share the news of the only One who can bring true peace—Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Samaritan’s Purse has multiple ministry projects to help those in need such as medical and disaster relief. Visit their site to learn more.

American Red Cross

american red cross logo to signify our involvement in blood donation

The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need. Their network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world, through five key service areas: disaster relief, supporting America’s military families, life-saving blood donations, health and safety services and international services.Our staff frequently donates blood with the American Red Cross. Visit their site to learn more.

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Ministry logo for CRU to promote documentary of Christ's life
The JESUS Film Project distributes the film “JESUS,” a two-hour docudrama about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. The film has been seen in every country of the world and translated into hundreds of languages since its initial release in 1979. Their goal is to reach every nation, tribe, people and tongue, helping them see and hear the story of Jesus in a language they can understand. Whether a person speaks Swahili, French or a language whose name is extremely difficult for most to pronounce, he or she will encounter the life and message of Jesus in a language “of the heart.” Every eight seconds, somewhere in the world, another person indicates a decision to follow Christ after watching the “JESUS” film! Visit their site to learn more.

K-LOVE Radio Station

K-LOVE contemporary Christian radio station that can be heard at 88.9 FM in Oklahoma City
K-LOVE is a contemporary Christian radio station that can be heard at 88.9 FM in Oklahoma City. It is listener supported and therefore has minimal interruptions or commercials. Its mission is to create compelling media that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ. Visit their site to learn more.

CSN International: Where God’s Word is Heard

CSN logo for CSN, the Christian Satellite Network, is a non-profit, Christian radio network
CSN, the Christian Satellite Network, is a non-profit, Christian radio network that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ through solid Bible teaching and modern praise and worship music. They can be heard at 89.5 in OKC or 101.1 in Edmond. Check out their website for stations in your area. Visit their site to learn more!

Water is Life

WATERisLIFE logo to promote providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to those in need

WATERisLIFE provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages of in desperate need. The global water crisis can be daunting — WATERisLIFE focuses on making an impact on this shared problem community by community.Through community-driven and community-engaged integrated water, sanitation and hygiene programs, WATERisLIFE works closely with non-profit partners, local governments and community organizations to focus on an integrated approach to ensure that households, schools, orphanages and medical facilities have access to safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene programs.

Hours and lives are restored each day – women can use their time to learn a trade, start a business and receive an income. Children can receive an education. And families can grow strong and healthy. Clean water will reduce sickness by almost a third. Clean water saves and transforms lives, and communities. Visit their site to learn more.