Stop hiding your smile!

If your missing one or more teeth it can not only look bad but it can also cause your remaining teeth to shift, chip, wear and even come loose. Replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants from Advances in Dentistry is the most natural way to get your teeth back. Plus, you never have to worry about a cavity again. Our Dental Implant System is much easier, quicker and affordable than most people ever imagined.

How to turn your loose dentures into a non-stop, tight fitting, chewing machine in only 1 appointment!

Imagine being able to bite into a thick juicy steak or some delicious buttery corn-on-the cob! Stop being embarrassed at restaurants or when eating with friends. Start being able to order whatever you want to eat knowing that your dentures will stay put!

Ask Yourself A Few Questions:
  • Am I unhappy with my denture?
  • Is my denture loose?
  • Does my denture cause me pain?
  • Are there foods that I miss?
  • Am I tired of loose dentures or being dependent on denture creams?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we want to help you. Because, you see, after treating thousands of people like you over the past 20 years we’ve developed The Premier Elite System. This system allows our patients to:

  • Enjoy eating delicious foods again! Steak, apples, and nuts are back on the menu.
  • Throw away their tubes of denture goop! Saving money and avoiding dangerous chemicals.
  • Smile, talk and eat with confidence while knowing their dentures will stay put!

This system we developed flat-out works and that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if your dentures are not tighter and more secure than before!

Why keep living in discomfort and misery? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Call us today at 405-751-6996 and start eating the foods you love!
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and Say Goodbye to Loose Dentures


Ray Clement

I had implants and everything went great. This is the best place ever for dental work! Everyone is friendly and professional. It almost makes you want to get dental work done!

Ray Clement


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