Sleep Dentistry / Sedation Dentistry

Relax. Dental fear is a thing of the past!

The doctors at Advances in Dentistry understand that being afraid of the dentist is very common. For many people the dental fear is from a bad childhood experience. For others they just dread the thought of sitting in the dental chair. We understand and because we take your comfort very seriously we have developed our Advanced Technique in Sleep Dentistry™. Thousands of patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Guthrie and Moore have taken advantage of Sleep Dentistry. Years of dental work taken care of in as little as one appointment.

How to know if you could benefit from Sleep / Sedation Dentistry:
  • If you have avoided the dentist for some time due to fear.
  • If you had a bad childhood dental experience.
  • If you hate needles, shots or the drill.
  • If you dislike the sounds, tastes and smells associated with dental work.
  • If you have difficulty sitting in a dental chair.
  • If your teeth are hard to numb.
  • If you have a bad gag reflex.
  • If you would like all your dental work taken care of while you sleep.

It's as simple as taking a small blue pill an hour before your appointment.

The pill relaxes you and eases most patients into a calm sleep. During this time, the doctors at Advances in Dentistry can complete most if not all of you dental needs in only one appointment, turning back the clock on years of dental problems.

After the sedative wears off, it leaves most patients with little to no recollection of their appointment- just the results of a beautiful healthy new smile!

It’s never too late to have the smile you have always wanted. Stop living in fear and call us to see how easy it is to get your teeth taken care of with our Advanced Technique in Sleep Dentistry™.

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and Say Goodbye to Dental Fear!

I consider myself a pretty tough guy, but when it comes to going to the dentist, that’s a different story. I put off my dental work for far too long. I went to Advances and Dentistry and had Sleep Dentistry. All I can say is wow, I should have done this years ago! Every Superhero has his kryptonite. Mine was the dentist.

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