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Meet Jim Couey
Jim Couey

As a professional dance teacher I’m on stage and in the public quite often, so having a beautiful smile is very important.

Unfortunately, my teeth were not always so nice. The truth is, I used to put my hand over my mouth while I was talking or I never had a picture taken without keeping my lips together because I was embarrassed about my smile.  My teeth had always been a problem from my adolescent years and into my adult life.  Over the years, I was in and out of the dentist's office numerous times.  It was an awful experience every time I went.  Always painful and very costly. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Rhodes by a friend who had been a patient for several years.  After the consultation with Dr. Rhodes, it was his diagnosis that I was a candidate for full dentures.  I'll tell you that at first I was not sure that was the way to go but he assured me that with sleep dentistry, I wouldn't feel any pain and you know, he was right.

The thing that sold me was the "before" and "after" pictures he was able to show me before the procedure was even done.

I am so very pleased with my new smile and would recommend Dr. Rhodes services to anyone who needs to have any kind of dental work especially a wonderful new smile.  It has certainly changed my life for the better.  People tell me all the time what a great smile I have. Dr. Corbyn Rhodes is a very professional Christian dentist. He has won several awards and I would say that he really made my life a lot better by giving me a wonderful new smile.  I could go on and on about how happy I am but suffice it to say "Dr. Corbyn Rhodes changed my life."

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Dr. Rhodes is a magician. I went in, took one blue pill, and woke up pain-free. My smile has never looked better.

Jim Couey, Midwest City
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